Foundation Financial Group Exceeds $1.4 Million In Social Investment

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Foundation Financial Group announced the achievement of another corporate milestone for the financial services corporation. The company recently surpassed $1.4 million in social investments that support its many philanthropic initiatives since 2010. FFG’s continual efforts to improve its communities through financial contributions and volunteer outreach keep the company’s social investment growing.

Philanthropy is an FFG priority. Company-wide philanthropic campaigns are conducted quarterly, and several national and regional initiatives emerge throughout the year. Foundation Financial is committed to supporting organizations and events that embody at least one of the corporation’s four main areas of philanthropic focus: education, workforce development, environment sustainability, and health and wellness.

“The impressive thing about FFG is we are never satisfied with the results,” said Foundation Financial Group Chief Human Resources Officer, James Brodsky. “We know we can do better. We know we can make more of a difference. So once we reach a goal, we take a moment to appreciate the achievement and then redirect our energy to the next cause needing our attention. As Foundation Financial pushes our philanthropic endeavors to the next level, we hope to eventually establish our own foundation to support organizations and communities that truly need FFG’s help.”

Instead of the corporation limiting social improvement to only large monetary donations, Foundation Financial Group encourages all team members to personally make a difference. FFG cultivates an environment that both allows and motivates employees to become active volunteers within their communities. Employees are urged to bring nonprofit organizations and charitable events to the attention of FFG’s Philanthropy Department so that research and evaluation may be performed on each opportunity to maximize responsible, positive social impact.

About Foundation Financial Group

Foundation Financial Group is a multibillion dollar financial services corporation. FFG offers its customers Best in Class service through its Insurance, Retirement and Mortgage Services. Named one of the fastest growing financial companies in the country by INC magazine, FFG has continued to grow its nationwide presence with over 100,000 new customers per year in 39 states. In addition to the value that Foundation Financial provides every customer, it is also dedicated to its communities and the people who live in them. Through a vast array of philanthropic endeavors the company not only provides significant monetary donations but also fosters a workforce environment that encourages all team members to personally make a difference. Foundation Financial is committed to its strong focus on customer service and community investment as it continues to grow and compete with the largest financial institutions in the world.

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