Qbase Teams With Pitney Bowes Software To Expand MetaCarta Geotagging Reach

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Qbase, LLC, a leading provider of geographic search solutions, business intelligence solutions and information technology services today announced an alliance with Pitney Bowes Software that enhances and expands the geotagging and geosearch capabilities of the Qbase MetaCarta line of products.

With the August 2012 release of the MetaCarta Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (GSRP) Version 4.7.0, Qbase now uses the Pitney Bowes Software Spectrum Technology Platform and street address level data sets, which includes both domestic U.S. and international locations. This new alliance enables Qbase to expand MetaCarta’s street address extraction and geo-referencing to include additional countries and provide industry leading accuracy and precision.

MetaCarta software is the sole provider of software for the extraction, disambiguation, and geotagging of street addresses from unstructured documents. The adoption of the Spectrum Technology Platform and street address level data sets has allowed MetaCarta to enhance its ability to recognize, extract, normalize and geocode street address information that is hidden in unstructured and semi-structured text. MetaCarta is a key component for ‘big data’ solutions attempting to leverage the value of information locked-up in unstructured text.

“Our clients realize that the real value in big data solutions lies in the ability to extract knowledge from their massive amounts of unstructured data,” says Scott Lightner, Chief Technology Officer, and a founder of Qbase. “The Pitney Bowes Software Spectrum Technology Platform allows us to extend our value with roof-top accuracy to a larger part of the globe.”

As a result of the expanded Pitney Bowes Software alliance, Qbase now offers Geographic Data Modules (GDMs) that extend the MetaCarta GSRP product with the following street address geocoding features:

EXPANDED COUNTRIES – MetaCarta now recognizes, extracts and geocodes street addresses that are hidden in unstructured and semi-structured text for the United States, Australia, Spain, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Support for additional countries will be added in the future.


- Provides auto-correction of misspelled street addresses.

- Enables completion of a partial street addresses from unstructured text by filling-in the missing address elements using both Pitney Bowes and MetaCarta to complete the full postal code street address.

CONFIDENCE SCORING – A confidence level will now be assigned by MetaCarta for any extracted, disambiguated, and geotagged street address.

STREET ADDRESS FEATURE TYPE – MetaCarta has created a new geographic feature type – “Street Address” – within the geotag results to distinguish street addresses from other geographic features.

LINUX RED HAT VERSION – All eight country Street Address GDMs will now be available for both MetaCarta’s appliance products and stand-alone Linux Red Hat software.

“The new country street address GDMs means that MetaCarta can now geotag hundreds of millions additional locations,” says Ken Tomaselli, Senior Vice President of Sales. “Our customers have asked for this expanded breadth and scope, and Qbase has listened and delivered.”

Adds Paul Kesaris, Senior Vice President of Products, “Qbase is committed to providing location solutions at an ever increasing level of detail. Users want more granularity – whether it is for national security, intelligence, law enforcement, energy, healthcare, or other commercial needs. Expanding and enhancing MetaCarta’s street address level geotagging unlocks huge value from unstructured data repositories for many organizations. Teaming with Pitney Bowes Software has greatly assisted us in this effort.”

MetaCarta GSRP Software Version 4.7.0 is available now. For more information, contact your Qbase sales organization.

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