SearchMarketMe Adds Five New Courses, 20 New Resources To Content Marketing Training Portal For Internet Marketing Agency Owners

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If content is king, SearchMarketMe has crowned its Agency Owners.

SearchMarketMe’s successful “Contentpalooza” Content Marketing Training Event generated five new hours of recorded training and 20 new resources to help its client Agency Owners do a better, faster job at performing valuable content marketing services for their clients.

“Content is the king of the internet,” said SearchMarketMe’s Director of Education, Will Rak, who produced this unique training event. “It’s why anyone and everyone goes online, and it’s the area that most businesses say they need help with. We held this special training event to improve the abilities of our Agency Owners in providing better content marketing services.”

All materials from the “Contentpalooza” event have been uploaded into SearchMarketMe’s robust and always-growing Agency Owner Training Portal, doubling the number of resources available.

“The Agency Owner Training Portal is always growing,” said SearchMarketMe President and CEO, Boyd Karren.“Ongoing and updated training is a key differentiator for SearchMarketMe compared to what internet marketing franchises offer. With the eyes and ears of 100+ Agency Owners in our Network actively engaged in the internet marketing world, we know what’s going on and our Agency Owner Training Portal is constantly updated, refined and improved so that our client Agency Owners have access to fresh and comprehensive information and training, 24/7.”


SearchMarketMe, LLC is a Seattle, Washington-based training and support organization that assists entrepreneurs in opening and operating independently-owned and independently-branded internet marketing agencies around the world. It developed the Money U business model for small marketing agencies and is the only scalable internet marketing business opportunity in the world. SearchMarketMe’s 111 Agency Owners are located in North America, India, the Middle East and Africa. For more information about the Agency Owner program, visit SearchMarketMe’s website and request the New Opportunity Overview.

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