The Trend Trader For Futures Trading On Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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The Trend Trader for Futures
For Trading On Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Trend Reading
S&P 500 – Jun ESM21370.00+ 0.531369.281374.83Neutral
Dow Jones – Jun YMM212959+ 0.681292812935Bullish
Nasdaq – Jun NQM22632.50− 0.672658.392687.83Bearish
Russell – Jun TFM2796.80+ 1.01795.84801.20Neutral
US T-Bond – Jun ZBM2142-09− 0.31142-10141-26Neutral
US T-Note – Jun TYM2131-25− 0.15131-26131-20Neutral
US Dollar Index – Jun DXM279.326− 0.2679.44079.628Bearish
Australian Dollar – Jun ADM21.0227− 0.171.02581.0296Bearish
British Pound – Jun BPM21.6131+ 0.071.61111.6021Bullish
Canadian Dollar – Jun CDM21.0102+ 0.341.00691.0045Bullish
EuroFX – Jun ECM21.3193+ 0.341.31791.3150Bullish
Japanese Yen – Jun JYM21.2312− 0.151.22991.2319Neutral
Swiss Franc – Jun SFM21.0984+ 0.371.09721.0947Bullish
Feeder Cattle – May FCK2147.850− 1.99150.656152.283Bearish
Live Cattle – Jun LCM2111.575− 2.62114.364115.625Bearish
Lean Hogs – Jun LHM286.550− 1.4287.48688.250Bearish
Corn – May CK2618^2− 0.68619^0613^6Neutral
Wheat – May WK2624^4− 0.08623^4616^0Bullish
Soybeans – May SK21461^2+ 1.671444^61434^6Bullish
Soybean Meal – May SMK2412.1+ 3.08403.8399.5Bullish
Soybean Oil – May BOK255.29+ 0.3655.4255.77Bearish
Crude Oil – Jun CLM2103.55+ 0.43103.41103.84Neutral
Heating Oil – May HOK23.1295− 0.333.13353.1341Bearish
Natural Gas – Jun NGM22.063− 1.572.0522.042Bullish
Gold – Jun GCM21643.8+ 0.691639.81644.5Neutral
Silver – May SIK230.746+ 0.7031.13931.614Bearish
Copper – May HGK23.6725+ 1.283.66023.6598Bullish
Orange Juice – Jul OJN2141.85− 0.56145.91149.28Bearish
Sugar – Jul SBN221.61+ 0.3221.6321.96Bearish
Cocoa – Jul CCN22284+ 3.6322452241Bullish
Coffee – Jul KCN2183.50+ 2.54179.68178.07Bullish
Cotton – Jul CTN291.46− 1.1091.3989.94Bullish
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