Obamacare In Trouble? Intrade Odds Jump From 38% To 60% That SOTUS Will Reject Mandate

Mark Perry
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Intrade odds for the Supreme Court to rule that the individual mandate is unconstitutional shot up today from 38% to 60% (as of 2:44 p.m. ET), as the some of the justices are showing skepticism.

According to this LA Times article:

“Are there any limits,” asked Justice Anthony Kennedy, one of three conservative justices whose votes are seen as crucial to the fate of the unprecedented insurance mandate.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suggested that the government might require Americans to buy cellphones to be ready for emergencies. And Justice Antonin Scalia asked if the government might require Americans to buy broccoli or automobiles. “If the government can do this, what else can it do?”

HT: Madison Felder

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